Coming Soon in Spring 2023

Learn more about WeShopSC.com by contacting Jenny Boulware at jboulware@masc.sc
A program of the Municipal Association of South Carolina

The Municipal Association of South Carolina is developing WeShopSC.com to provide a statewide online marketplace to connect small businesses across the state to a centralized e-commerce community.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our cities and towns. Their unique products and services are what make our downtowns destinations for residents and visitors alike. By providing an e-commerce platform, we can assist these businesses in offering their wares to a larger audience, thus making the probability of success for their brick and mortar locations greater.“

- Executive Director Todd Glover, Municipal Association of South Carolina

WeShopSC.com will provide tools and resources to help South Carolina’s communities and small businesses navigate e-commerce. By encouraging the use of technology and statewide engagement, WeShopSC.com will make shopping, selling and exploring the uniqueness of South Carolina more convenient and accessible.